Golfsort Will End
December 31, 2021

Golfsort was fun to create.
Golfers like it.
But it's time to retire it.

Golfsort will shut down at the end of 2021.
In the meantime continue to enjoy its features.
Your service will stop Dec. 31, 2021
even if you tell Golfsort to renew for longer.

Thank you for making this project so enjoyable.

Gordon Cook

Golfsort - History Based Pairings

World Handicap System Compatible

New partners every event!
No repeats!

Golfsort examines each player's history
before assigning partners.

Manage your golf league online with Golfsort.

Online signup lists. Printed scorecards. Announcements.

$7 / golfer / year.

Golfsort advantages

Golfsort provides superb history based pairings.
Each member plays with golfers he/she never played with before or hasn't for a long time.
No more complaints: "I played with Bob 3 times in a row. I never played with Bill."
It's impossible to do this manually.
Only Golfsort does it.
Golfsort creates your printed scorecards.
Handicap strokes, player tees, the game, are all on your professional style card.
Golfsort does your communicating.
Tee times, results, & announcements are on the web.
Golfers can sign up for events on the web.
No paper lists, e-mails, or phone calls needed.
You decide on the game.
1 best ball, 2 best ball, etc. Stroke Play or Match Play this week?
Golfsort can pair by handicap (many variations) sex & cart ownership
View pairing criteria
$7.00 / golfer / year

More fun for league golfers

Play with different partners every event.
Decide each week whether to play. Signup or withdraw on the web.
Play the tees you want.
Get pairings and results on the web.
Printed scorecards eliminate work and errors.

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